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Centennial Scarborough Residential Door Repair & Replacement

Keep your home, family, and possessions secure with fast, efficient door repair service right when you need it!

Residential Door Repair & Replacement

At Toronto Door Repair our Centennial Scarborough residential door repair company is dedicated to providing your home with smoothly operating doors at any time, day or night. There are many reasons why your door may require repair or replacement. Weathering and exposure to the elements, use of inferior materials, or damage can all cause a door to no longer function as smoothly as it originally did.

Whether you need door repair or new door replacement, we are dedicated to keeping your home, family, and possessions safe with secure and functioning doors.

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Fast, Experienced Door Repair Experts

professional door repair and replacement servicesWhether you need emergency service due to door malfunction or are requiring standard maintenance for your garage or sliding glass doors, we keep everything moving smoothly.

As a full-service Centennial Scarborough, ON door repair and replacement company, we can provide temporary, long-term, and emergency door repairs, as well as provide routine door maintenance, new door installations, or door replacement.

Our door techs are on-call, ready to assist you 24/7.

Garage Door Repair

One of the most mechanical and prone to failure doors in your home is your garage door.

garage door repair company in Toronto

Improper garage door functioning can throw a real wrench in your daily routine, so when you have garage door issues, you usually need someone out to help right away. Our 24/7 garage door experts are on-call and ready to assist you immediately.

If you are just starting to experience issues and want to make sure the problem doesn’t become an emergency, we provided scheduled and routine visits to repair or maintain your current garage door. From electronic elements to springs, rollers, or even replacement door sections, we keep everything operating smoothly and in top condition.

Our garage door repair services include:

  • All Brand Garage Door Repairs
  • Garage Door Automatic Opener Repair
  • Tune-Up Services
  • Torsion & Extension Spring Replacement
  • Broken Spring & Roller Replacement
  • Electric Operator Service
  • Broken Garage Door System Sensors
  • Off-Track Repair
  • Replacement Sections
  • Residential Gates & Gate Entry Systems

Sliding Glass Door Repair

Due to the rolling nature of their mechanics, sliding glass doors are known for being particularly finicky.

sliding glass door roller repair

Track and roller repair is a common need for homeowners, especially since these areas tend to lead to outdoor spaces and high traffic areas. This means that rollers have a tendency to collect dirt, grime, and build-up, impacting the smoothness of their glide over time. As residue builds up on the rollers, the doors can skip, stick, no longer close completely, or can stop sliding altogether.

Due to the size and weight of the glass panels, repairing sliding glass doors should always be done by an experienced professional that has the tools and knowledge to properly approach and complete this delicate job. If your door is broken, we often have the tools needed to repair immediately, or if you have a special order or custom door, we can provide board-up services while we await replacement panes.

If your sliding glass doors are sticking, catching, squeaking, not locking, or simply not operating as smoothly as they should, we can help. From regular maintenance or track repair to sliding glass door replacement, we make sure you have functional, attractive sliding glass doors.

Emergency Break-In Repair

Unfortunately, not all door repairs are due to mechanical failure, wear and tear, or weathering. Break-ins, attempted forced entry, or door kick-ins can cause damage to your doors requiring emergency repair or replacement.

break-in door repair

Forced entry can result in broken glass doors or broken glass door panels, damaged hinges, damaged door frames, broken locks, or may even require complete door replacement. Our trained, certified door specialists have over 20 years of experience in providing dedicated support to those in need.

With 24/7 on-call door specialists available, we provide immediate assistance to those requiring door repair as the result of a break-in. Our primary focus is on securing the door, with either immediate repair, door board-up, or putting other protective measures in place to keep intruders away.

Door Installation & Frame Replacement

Do you have old, outdated, rotting, or otherwise damaged doors that you would like to replace?

Whether you have a rotting frame, broken hinges, door handle repair/replacement, or any other door repair or replacement need, our experts are here for you.

Residential Door Replacement

We can upgrade your old, damaged, or weathered door or door frame and install an entirely new, attractive door that suits the needs of your family and aesthetics of your home. Our dedicated door professionals provide free on-site estimates, so you know exactly what to expect before any work is done, which can often be completed or prepped for right away with your approval.

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Centennial Scarborough Residential Door Repair & Replacement open doors logo 300x45You don’t have to live with squeaky, sticking, damaged, or broken garage doors, sliding glass doors, or other home doors! Our Centennial Scarborough residential door repair company provides immediate repairs, regular maintenance, and new door installation to ensure your doors are functioning properly and providing maximum safety for your home, family, and possessions.

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